Population Genetics Group 57

St. Andrews, Scotland

8-10 Jan, 2024

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The Population Genetics Group (or PopGroup, or PGG) is an annual meeting of population and evolutionary geneticists held in the UK since 1968. The meetings have been very influential in promoting population and evolutionary genetics in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere. In 2024, the 57th PopGroup meeting will be held in University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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This is the first time that PopGroup has been hosted by St Andrews, and it is long overdue. There is a lively group of evolutionary biologists here and we are all very keen to help the conference go well. St Andrews is a special place to visit but accommodation can sometimes be challenging, so don’t leave booking this till the last minute. Everybody is very welcome to Pop Group at St Andrews and please send any queries or issues to us at PopGroup57@st-andrews.ac.uk.

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The Pop Group 57 organising committee
Nathan Bailey, Svitlana Braichenko, Chedhawat Chokechaipaisarn, Nicki Cook, Oscar Gaggiotti, Andy Gardner, Mauricio Gonzalez Forero, Carolin Kosiol, Stewart Leigh, Vivienne Litzke, Noora Poikela, Leeban Yusuf, Shangzhe Zhang

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