Travelling to St Andrews

The PopGroup 57 will take place in University of St Andrews, Scotland. St Andrews is located on the picturesque east coast of Scotland and has excellent transport links from the major Scottish cities and international airports.

How To get to St Andrews

Visitors to St Andrews have a number of options when it comes to travelling to the town. Located on the east coast of Scotland within the Kingdom of Fife, St Andrews can be easily reached from a number of nearby cities via public transport, road and private transfers. International visitors have a choice of airport to fly into, all of which have good links with the town.

As a certified Cycle Friendly Campus, an e-car hub and a car share provider, the University of St Andrews is committed to promoting sustainable modes of transport at every stage of your journey.

For information about getting around St Andrews, take a look at the official guide of the University of St Andrews.

Travelling by air

Edinburgh Airport

Around 50 miles from St Andrews, Edinburgh Airport is home to many domestic and international airlines. It has good connections to the city of Edinburgh, including both a tram line and 24-hour bus link (the Airlink bus service) to the centre of the city. There are a number of shuttle services that offer transfers directly to St Andrews from the airport by road, as well as a selection of car hire companies found within the airport.

Glasgow airports

Glasgow is home to two international airports: Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick. Most international visitors arrive at Glasgow Airport, which is around 90 miles from St Andrews, while Glasgow Prestwick is slightly further from the city. Both airports offer a number of bus routes into Glasgow, which connect with onward transport options to St Andrews.

Aberdeen Airport

Aberdeen Airport is around 80 miles from St Andrews, and visitors arrive from a variety of domestic and international destinations. There are a number of public transport links from Aberdeen Airport, including a bus connection from the airport to the nearby Dyce railway station.

Dundee Airport

A small number of airlines fly into Dundee Airport, which is around 15 miles from St Andrews. Dundee has extensive transport links with St Andrews, including a regular bus service.

Travelling by rail

The nearest railway station to St Andrews is Leuchars, situated around six miles from the town. The station facilities include 24-hour parking, a waiting room and taxi rank.

Those travelling to St Andrews by train should take the Edinburgh to Dundee or Edinburgh to Aberdeen line to Leuchars. For those travelling from south of Edinburgh, the Edinburgh to Aberdeen line links up with the London North Eastern Railway (LNER) line from London to Edinburgh, which allows visitors to travel from London to Leuchars on a direct route. The LNER line also calls at stops including York, Darlington, Newcastle, and Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Alternatively, the Edinburgh Gateway station links Edinburgh Airport to Leuchars on the rail network. Those flying into Edinburgh may travel to the Edinburgh Gateway station and join a train for Leuchars.

Visitors also have the option of taking the Caledonian Sleeper service, which runs between London Euston and Leuchars overnight.

From Leuchars, St Andrews is easily reached by bus, taxi or car.

Travelling by bus

St Andrews is easily accessible from across Scotland by bus. Most bus services arrive and depart from the bus station in the centre of town. When the ticket office within the bus station is closed, visitors should buy tickets for their service from the bus driver using cash.

Bus travel within St Andrews

There are a number of bus services that serve St Andrews and the local area. Stagecoach in Fife offer a number of routes around the town via the 99 services, as well as routes that go through nearby towns and villages.

Travelling to and from Leuchars

The Stagecoach in Fife 99 service runs from St Andrews to Dundee via Leuchars approximately every 15 minutes during the day. The bus journey from St Andrews to Leuchars takes around 15 minutes. Visitors may also choose to take the Moffat and Williamson 92 service from St Andrews to Dundee, although this service does not stop at the bus station.

Travelling within Scotland

Visitors looking to travel to or from Edinburgh should look out for the X58, X59 and X60 Stagecoach services, which take around two hours. Stagecoach also offers bus services to Glasgow, via the X24, X26 and X27 services, which take around two and a half hours.

Travelling within the UK and Europe

For bus travel to other destinations within the UK or Europe, visitors may wish to investigate the Megabus or National Express services. Both depart from a number of locations, including the Seagate bus station in Dundee, and services depart for destinations including London, Newcastle, Paris and Amsterdam.


You can also check University maps to different school, University unit, and warm spaces.

You can also check University maps to different schools, University unit, and warm spaces.